Donkeys in the spotlight as Oscar nominated film EO released in UK

Donkeys continue to capture hearts worldwide as Oscar nominated film EO hits the big screens across the UK

Donkeys in the spotlight as Oscar nominated film EO released in UK

Here at The Donkey Sanctuary, we know how amazing donkeys are, but this long-overdue moment in the spotlight presents an opportunity to elevate the status of donkeys in the public eye, and to shine a light on the plight of donkeys around the world.  

EO is a celebration of donkeys and their enduring relationship with humans, while also exposing their vulnerability and some of the many and varied challenges they face across the world. 

The film, which has been nominated for Best International Feature Film also took home the Jury Prize in Cannes last year, is shot entirely from the perspective of the title character and tells the poignant story of the donkey’s journey through the hands of different owners, some who treat him well and others who do not. 

Faith Burden, Executive Director, Equine Operations at international animal welfare charity, The Donkey Sanctuary:

“The feature film EO is beautifully shot and offers a rare opportunity to view the world from a donkey’s perspective. The portrayal and billing of the donkey as the central character clearly demonstrates the film-maker’s deep appreciation of these sensitive and intelligent animals.

“The Donkey Sanctuary was not involved in the making of the film EO. However, we welcome the opportunity it affords to correct public misconceptions about donkeys, which can result in their ill-treatment. We hope this poignant tribute to donkeys, which recognises their intrinsic value, in and of themselves, will also elevate their status in the public consciousness.”