Going Mobile: The Future of Equestrian Business

Today, when smartphones are an extension of ourselves, equestrian businesses are beginning to see the benefits of going mobile.

Going Mobile: The Future of Equestrian Business

Mobile apps are not just icons on a screen; they are gateways to better communication and engagement. They offer a more interactive and personalised user experience than traditional websites, with riders able to complete transactions with modern payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, receive booking reminders, catch up on latest news, and stay in touch like never before. For equestrian businesses, this is significantly enhancing customer loyalty with riders joining or returning to the sport.

But the real game changer for early adopters of mobile apps, is the ability to send their users push notifications. Equestrian businesses are using these to inform clients about last-minute changes, upcoming events, and special promotions, delivered directly from the equestrian centre to the user’s smartphone. These simple notifications are the biggest drivers of action and engagement with their business, completely surpassing that of email and social media.

“This made every part of running competitions so much easier, so quick and easy to check event entries, create running orders, publish times, create results and also to advertise.”

- Ruth Logan, Knockagh View Equestrian Centre

Not only are these forward thinking businesses finding it easier to communicate with riders, they’re seeing substantial growth and profitability in moving to mobile applications. Through leveraging in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertising, they’re able to generate additional revenue streams they didn’t think were possible.

“My clients constantly compliment me on the app and entries for my events have increased by 30%”.

- Adrienne Stuart, Gransha Equestrian Centre

With the global trend leaning increasingly towards mobile-first solutions, equestrian businesses adopting these technologies are well-positioned to meet the market. This strategic move not only enhances the way their services are delivered, but also ensures their businesses remain viable for future generations of riders.

Understanding that mobile apps come at a huge cost that equestrian businesses have been unable to afford, the Hoofpick Foundation is committed to making this type of technology accessible to everyone. It is extending a helping hand to equestrians ready to embrace this fundamental shift in the “way we do business.” The Technology Grant initiative aims to fund and support grassroots equestrian businesses and their communities with the modern technology they deserve, and need to succeed.

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