'Mankini-gate' causing a stir down under. Olympic great may miss Games over Borat act.

Olympic equestrian Shane Rose might miss the Paris Games after mankini stunt at an event led to a complaint and his temporary stand-down.

In a dramatic twist that's got the Australian equestrian world buzzing, Shane Rose, a decorated Olympic equestrian with three medals to his name, might just trot past the opportunity to compete in the 2024 Paris Games. Why, you ask? Well, it appears his choice of attire at a recent event has spurred more than just the horses. Rose, known for his prowess in the saddle, decided to add a dash of humor to the Wallaby Hill Extravaganza in the Southern Highlands on February 11 by donning not one, but three eccentric costumes: a gorilla suit, a Duffman beer outfit, and, most notably, a mankini that would make Borat proud.

This cheeky stunt, however, led to a complaint being lodged with Equestrian Australia (EA) and Sports Integrity Australia, putting Rose's participation in upcoming competitions—and potentially the Paris Olympics—at risk. EA's chief, Darren Gocher, mentioned that regardless of the number of complaints, they're bound to investigate when concerns are raised. While Rose hasn't faced any sanctions or suspensions yet, he's been temporarily benched from competition pending a review.

Rose, who clinched silver in the 2008 and 2020 Olympics and bronze in 2016, all in team eventing, is under a disciplinary review that could affect his chances for this year's Games. Despite the potential gravity of the situation, Rose seems to be taking it in stride, hopeful that the investigation, set to conclude shortly, will clear him of any major wrongdoing. He reminisced about the event, noting that his phone was abuzz with laughter and messages, though he acknowledged one attendee's concern over his choice of costume.

In a heartening show of support, the equestrian community has rallied behind Rose, with many changing their Facebook profile pictures to Borat in solidarity. Even Wayne Roycroft, a three-time Olympian, voiced his disappointment over EA's actions, praising Rose's contributions to the sport.

Rose, meanwhile, has opted to remove his initial apology in an effort to "de-escalate" the situation, remaining hopeful that this will all soon be a humorous anecdote they can look back on. As for the rest of us, we're reminded that sometimes, a little humor can stirrup quite the controversy in the most unexpected of arenas.