The Monaco Aces return to the GCL starting grid in 2023 with an exciting line-up of talented riders.


Returning to the tour in 2023 for the second time, Jens Baackmann, will be joined by Holger Hetzel, Jeremy Sweetnam, Francisco Jose Mesquita Musa, Niklaus Schurtenberger and U25 talent in Sara Vingralkova, producing a masterful lineup of athletes ready to take on the ultimate team challenge for the year ahead.

Jens Baackmann Competing for :Germany Age: 38

Jens returns to the GCL circuit after his debut year in 2022. This year is is part of the fresh injection of talent to Monaco Aces who are making their return to the GCL circuit in 2023. 

Francisco Jose Mesquita Musa Competing for: Brazil Age: 45

Niklaus Schurtenberger Competing for: Switzerland Age: 55

Holger Hetzel Competing for: Germany Age: 63

In 1986 he opened Holger Hetzel Stables in Goch, Germany. Before establishing his stables, he worked as a rider and equine manager. "I found a professional stable in Monchengladbach [Germany]. I not only rode, but also did an apprenticeship as a horse manager. However, that took two years. It was back then that the horse industry didn't have as good a reputation as it does today. That's why I went on to study business administration afterwards. It was sensible, it was fun and I laid the foundations for my company. I've always tried to do the sport, but the business aspect has always been my priority. I've never put sport above anything else. I did really well with it. As an athlete, you don't earn well enough."

He served as a horse selector for the jumping competition at the 2022 Youth Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany.

Jeremy Sweetnam Competing for: Ireland Age: 27

Sara Vingralkova Competing for: Czechia Age: 20 

Sara Vingralkova returns to the GCL circuit for the second year, after debuting in 2022 as the U25 rider for Hamburg Giants. Looking to draw on the experience of her talented teammates in this tough season for the competitive team, Sara is in the line-up for Monaco Aces, where she will be riding alongside Jens Baackmann,  Holger Hetzel, Jeremy Sweetnam , Francisco Jose Mesquita Musa and Niklaus Schurtenberger.